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Phil Landers: Operating Principal Keller Williams

(Keller Williams 6019779411) In this special episode, Phil talks with Jared on the Real Mississippi Podcast about getting into Real Estate from being in the Oil and Gas business, starting with Keller Williams and growing it from "Keller Who?" to the #1 real estate company in the Central Mississippi Market.

Trey Fontaine: Candidate for MS Election Commissioner

Trey Fontaine Realtor (Havard realty 6013409656) and Candidate for MS Election Commissioner in Rankin County's 5th District comes on to talk about what got him there and where he is going from here. (Disclosure, Jared Laster is also a Realtor with Keller Williams 6019779411)

Monique Davis & Lizzy Abston: Mississippi Museum of Art

Lizzy and Monique invited me to visit the MS Museum of Art and talk about some of their current and upcoming art exhibitions. There were some great things to see and we talked about it all here on this episode of Real Mississippi!

Brandon Loggins: The Hangout Gamer Lounge

Brandon Loggins is an entrepreneurial 16 Year Old Gamer who founded and runs The Hangout Gamer Lounge in Brandon, MS. Brandon talks about how his passion grew into a business opportunity, and an opportunity to help others like him in his community. With the success of the first location, there are already plans to grow this idea even more and I'm excited to see where Brandon will take it!

William Bristow: If it Keeps on Rainin'

William Bristow is here to talk about his documentary film about the Mississippi Delta Flood and the Yazoo Backwater project. This major flooding event has been going on for months and could happen again if a project from the 1960's isn't completed. William is releasing "If it keeps on Rainin'" Next spring to highlight the flood, its causes and effects on the local environment, economy and every day people of the Mississippi Delta.

Miss Mississippi: Mary Margaret Hyer

Miss Mississippi talks about growing up in Mississippi, and the path to becoming Miss Mississippi, what thats like, and what she's doing to prepare for Miss America.


Introduction to the REAL MISSISSIPPI PODCAST! Our first real episode should be live on July 5th. Listen here to see what this podcast is about and who our first guest will be!

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